Thunderstorm Time-lapse off the Sunshine Coast, AU

An amazing time lapse of a super-cell thunderstorm taken from the Sunshine coast in Australia

NASA’s Earth Day Global Selfie 2014

The year 2014 is a big one for NASA Earth science. Five NASA missions designed to gather critical data about our home planet are launching to space this year. NASA is marking this big year for Earth science with a campaign called Earth Right Now, and as part of this campaign the agency asked for your help on Earth Day, April 22.

NASA astronauts brought home the first ever images of the whole planet from space. Now NASA satellites capture new images of Earth every second. For Earth Day we created an image of Earth from the ground up while also fostering a collection of portraits of the people of Earth. As those pictures streamed around the world on Earth Day, the individual pictures tagged #GlobalSelfie were collected and used to create a mosaic image of Earth — a new “Blue Marble” built bit by bit with your photos.


Kinetic East is an charming short video of south east Scotland in summer produced by award-winning film maker Walid Salhab, Lecturer in Media Practice at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.

The World Outside My Window – Time Lapse of Earth from the ISS


Check out this YouTube Video created by David Peterson of sequences of video from the ISS. Totally amazing!

The World Outside My Window – Time Lapse of Earth from the ISS

Lenses and Cameras Cut In Half

Interest story on DPReview from the CP+ show in Yokohama, Japan showing various equipment cut in half, showing the gory insides!

Check them out by click the below image